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As a Kemba member, you have a large availability to ATM machines!

  • Locally - See our surcharge-free ATM locations.
  • Nationally- When you are out of town, you can obtain funds from your Kemba account at any of the thousands of ATMs that display the CIRRUS symbol.

Alliance One Network
At Kemba, we have always looked out for our members best interest by providing more, surcharge-free ATM's than any other credit unions in the area!

The development of Alliance One now gives Kemba and other credit unions the opportunity to work together to offer surcharge-free ATM services to a select group. Previously, Kemba only had 2 choices: surcharge no one (including bank customers who charge our members!) or, surcharge everyone (not our members, but other credit union members). Kemba has joined the Alliance One Network and now, Kemba members will have ATM's available to you not only in Ohio, not only across the US, but also in many large foreign countries!

Credit Unions who participate in the alliance may now offer a non-surcharge "credit union" ATM network. Credit union members will continue to enjoy no-surcharge ATM machines, but now through a more expansive network while continuing to surcharge financial institutions outside of the network!

Kemba's participation in the Alliance One network will give our members the opportunity to access an abundance of no-surcharge ATMs across the nation and abroad! Currently, there are nearly 400 ATMs in Ohio in the Alliance One network.

For more information on Alliance One participants and ATMs available in Alliance One, please see our ATM locations.

STARsf and Allpoint Networks
Kemba members have access to the surcharge-free STARsf and Allpoint ATM networks. See our ATM locations to find a surcharge-free ATM near you.

How to Avoid Surcharges
Avoiding a surcharge or fee is not hard with a little planning. When you withdraw funds from your account, take a little more than what you are planning for - unexpected costs are always popping up! If you want to check your balances or review your account history, try our 24-hour a day options: Touch-Tone-Teller (audio response system) and Online Banking. Also, using Kemba's debit card allows you access to your checking account anywhere VISA is accepted at over 14 million locations worldwide!

If you have any questions regarding ATM usage, please feel free to call Member Services at 513.762.5070 or 800.825.3622.