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Leaders In Our Nations Success (LIONS) is a great way for teens to experience the financial decision making processes early in life. LIONS allows teens to experience real world financial situations.

Share/Savings Accounts
Begins earning dividends at $100
Deposits and withdrawals can be made at anytime without fees
Watch savings grow with online banking

LIONS Certificate
Begin with a minimum of $25 or open your share account with direct deposit or payroll deduction
Earns variable dividends (adjusts with Prime*)
This 18 month certificate is renewable up to your eighteenth birthday
You select the appropriate name for your individual savings account (i.e. Car Certificate, College Certificate)

Checking Accounts
Checking account with co-signer
VISA debit/check card with co-signer
Dividend earning options available
Monitor account through online banking and Touch-Tone-Teller
Loans Available To You!

Secured Loans
A co-signer will be needed for all loans
Use your share savings as collateral for a loan
Get a new or used car loan
Computer loans available

Club Accounts

Are you interested in opening a Kemba Club Account? Either stop by your local Kemba Credit Union or give us a call at 513.762.5070.