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GCFCU was founded in 1937. The first Board of Directors signing the original Organizational Charter consisted of Walter R. Hilliard, William E. Reeder, Martin J. Coffey, Damon S. Podesta, Frank Treinen, Leo J. Kuhn, Joseph Zoller, Chas F. Bredemeier, John Finnerty, and John J. Finneran. This document was completed on February 26, 1937!

Through the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of our employees and our wonderful members, the Credit Union continues to provide services and products that have exceeded our members' expectations for over 60 years and this trend will continue in the future! The Credit Union has provided its members with safe, low cost financial services. Currently we offer a variety of benefits from high dividend bearing Savings accounts, Checking accounts, Certificates, Money Market Accounts and IRA's to a selection of low interest loans.

We are a different kind of financial institution. Our structure is a completely not-for-profit cooperative established ONLY for the purpose of serving our members financial needs. Most financial institutions are operated to make a profit for their shareholders or owners, but Credit Unions, like GCFCU, distribute its profits back to you, the member.

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