Kemba continues to live out our mission of enriching the financial lives of our members, employees and the communities we serve, with accessible financial education. Kemba has partnered with Banzai and Young Money University to provide our members, employees and communities great resources for great financial success.

Young Money University

Founded by Todd Romer, Young Money University is a financial success platform that Kemba has partnered with to bring financial success content, education and coaching to primarily Gen Z and young Millenial generations. Todd created a 5-step program called The Money System (TMS) that increases confidence and behavioral change within 24 hours. Watch the videos below to learn how to dream, save, spend, invest and give money differently.



Step 1: Make a Decision to Dream

Step 2: Save Money Differently

Step 3: Spend Money Differently

Step 4: Invest Money Differently

Step 5: Give Money to Impact Lives



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Banzai Wellness Calculators

Kemba has partnered with Banzai to bring clear, in-depth lessons that help you dive into the financial topics you care about most. Explore coaches, articles and calculators to help plan your financial future. Begin your journey with topic specific interactive activities below or by clicking the button for even more resources.

Savings Insurance Retirement Taxes
Life Changes Budgeting Investing Housing


Banzai Resources