Treasury Management

Businesses have unique needs when managing finances. Our treasury management services are perfect for helping you reach your financial goals. We are dedicated to serving small businesses and helping to optimize your finances. 


Remote Deposit Capture 

Remote Deposit Capture offers the ability to scan multiple checks, including high-value checks, directly to us from the comfort of your office. Your business can deposit on your schedule via an electronic deposit, and funds will be available as soon as the next business day.

  • Convenience: Deposits checks when convenient for you, one at a time or in a branch.
  • Flexibility: Gains access to later deposit cut-off times.
  • Savings: Significantly reduces collection float.

ACH Origination

Using ACH Origination, you can initiate electronic business payments, including direct employee deposits, payments to vendors and suppliers, collection of periodic dues or memberships fees, transfers to or from non-credit union accounts, and State and Federal tax payments.

You can create and manage as many payees as you’d like. All recipient detail is stored in a secure database of payment instructions that includes payee details and relevant banking information.

  • Control: Manage your cash flow.
  • Cost-effective: Lower transaction fees.
  • Convenience: Schedule your payments in advance.
  • Secure: Reduces risk inherent with paper checks.

 Wire Transfer

Efficiently managing your business requires reliable, on-time payments to your vendors. Wire transfers are a simple, secure, and practical way to transfer funds while giving your business additional time to manage your receivables. Our digital platform allows you to manage these payments at your convenience, to provide peace of mind that your business is taken care of.

  • Convenient: Real-time, optimal exchange rates
  • Ease of Use: Track domestic wires with a Fed reference number.