There is a feature within online banking and mobile banking called MyMoney — a personal finance management tool.

This personal finance management tool allows you to integrate other bank accounts, mortgages and credit cards that you have with other financial institutions. This is a great tool to use to keep your money organized and to help you budget for retirement, a major life event, etc. Once you log into online banking and click on the MyMoney tab you will be presented with your MyMoney dashboard as well as some tabs you will be able to use:

  • Budget 
    • Set spending targets on frequent purchases to create a monthly budget. The budget tab lets you track variable expenses, like shopping or dining out. It will even let you know when you're close to your target amount with a friendly text message or email.

  • Cashflow 
    • Add income and bills like your paycheck, rent or utilities to see your monthly cashflow. The Cashflow tab is great way to keep track of when your bills are due and when you will get paid.

  • Goals 
    • Everyone has some type of financial goal, whether it's saving for a major life event, paying off student loans or saving for your first house. The goals tab will help you stay on track to reach those long term goals.

  • Net Worth 
    • The net worth tab will be able to calculate your net worth based on your assets and debts that you add in MyMoney. Including all of your financial institution accounts and credit cards will give you a better calculation.

  • Retirement 
    • The retirement tab is a great tool to use to help you figure out your retirement plan. You will start out by putting in your annual income, current age and your desired retirement age. You can then visit the three different planning tabs to see how much money you will have when you retire, how long the retirement money will last and it will show you if you are making the right investment choices.

  • Alerts 
    • Alerts can send email or text messages to you when certain criteria are met like account balances, budget status and more!