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Fraudulent Text Attempts

Kemba Credit Union is aware of fraudulent attempts to obtain unauthorized access to member accounts. These attempts are being conducted through text messages and/or phone calls which are made to appear from Kemba Credit Union. With today’s technology, any phone number can be masked as another number to mimic local area codes. In these cases, the fraudsters are masking their real number with Kemba Credit Union’s 513.762.5070.

Below are examples of texts that have been received: 

When a member responds with any response to the text, they receive a reply thanking them for their response and a third text is sent asking for their compromised password. 

Below is an example of the second and third messages:

Kemba will NEVER call, text or email for your personal or account information.

Kemba will NEVER ask you to download anything on your mobile device (except our mobile app), or ask to remote into your device or computer. 

Kemba will NEVER call, email or text asking you to do test transactions. 

If you receive a text, call or email that appears to be from Kemba Credit Union asking for personal or account information :

  • DO NOT click on any links
  • DO NOT call any numbers provided
  • DO NOT provide any personal or account information (username, passwords, PIN numbers or security codes)
  • Delete the text/email or hang up the phone immediately

Please call Kemba Credit Union directly at 513.762.5070 or 800.825.3622 if you have received any text, call or email so we can take all appropriate steps to protect your account.


Kemba Credit Union will under no circumstances contact you by phone, text or email asking you for personal, account or card information. Unless you have contacted us directly by phone or within online banking, do not give out any personal, account or card information.  

If you suspect any fraudulent activity, please contact our Member Service Call Center at 513.762.5070.